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Make text flexible.

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  1. What? Flext is an app for iPhone and iPad. It applies your JavaScript functions to textual input.
  2. Why? You have a text transformation you want to perform regularly. You write it as a JavaScript function, import it into Flext and you're good to go.
  3. How (much?) Flext is $20 (or equivalent).

That's a bit pricey…

Flext is open source software and you can find the source code for the entire app on GitHub. Right here, in fact. That's right. I put it all right there on GitHub so if you don't want to pay $20 and you have a Mac, you can compile it yourself and not pay me a cent.

I need help…

I'm @pyrmont on Mastodon or you can reach me at flext@inqk.net. Look at me putting an e-mail address in plain text on a website. Am I crazy?

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Flext is made in Tokyo from natural ones and zeroes.